Hindu Seva Kendram active member rewarded for his Good Deeds

Rakesh, a Final year Civil Engineering student, who is actively involved in the service of the Hindu Seva Kendram in Edathuva and Champakulam Panchayath got support from a group of mothers. The ladies got informed that he would have to clear the dues in college immediately to continue his studies. Even though Rakesh’s family was struggling financially during the pandemic, he never failed in his service to the community. Mother’s in the area where Rakesh was active came forward and gathered the amount required for him from various Hindu families, that too in the blink of just 3 hours. Apart from this, they also get managed to get a brand new mobile for his online learning purpose.

The ladies handed over the money & mobile phone to Sreeraj Kaimal, the State Secretary of Hindu Seva Kendram, who assigned Shri Gopan Rakesh, Mandal Shareerik Shikshan Pramukh, RSS Champakulam to gift the same to Rakesh as a token of appreciation for his dedication towards the community.

These are the tales of positivity & happiness which comes when we unite! Unlike before people of our community have started coming together beyond the stigmas like politics, caste, backgrounds etc. Further this is the proof for our belief that when we dedicate ourself to help others, God himself will come to help us!

Hindu Seva Kendram

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