Love Jihad attempt repeats; Hindu Seva Kendram rescued hindu girl

Hindu Seva Kendram volunteers rescued a Hindu girl hailing from Kollam who was taken to Bangalore by jihadis for religious conversion by trapping her in love jihad. From the very beginning, The Hindu Seva Kendram has taken a strong stand against love jihad by giving awareness as well as rescuing. Even when the state government was favoring jihad by tampering the marriage registration act, the hindu seva kendram has strengthened it’s battle against love jihad by occupying the Notice Board in Registration Office under surveillance.

The hindu seva kendram have organised many awareness campaign including bringing Shri. Pratheesh Viswanath, in its facebook page, who is a pioneer in countering love jihad. Despite all these preventive measures, it is absolutely disappointing that our daughters are still falling prey Love Jihad. This is a clear indicator that The Hindu community must remain more vigilant. We must be so empowered that no parent should ever cry because of jihad.

Congratulations to all the volunteers who risked their life and worked hard to bring the girl back from Kollam.

Hindu Seva Kendram


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