Pratheesh Viswanath – Founder, Hindu Seva Kendram

Pratheesh Viswanath, a socio-political leader, is the founder of Hindu Seva Kendram. Pratheesh Viswanath is one of the prominent voices for Hindu Community in Kerala and raises voice for them in the National front. Apart from practicing as a lawyer, Pratheesh Viswanth has been involved in activities for the upliftment of Hindu Community. He has been proactively fighting Anti India, Anti Hindu communist, Islamist, Ultra Evangelical forces in Kerala since past two decades at socio-political and administrative levels.

He has close alliance with many socio-political leaders in India.In his 12 years journey with Viswa Hindu Parishad, the first six years he lived with the tribal communities in Kerala, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Taminadu etc for the welfare of Tribal community. Till 2006, he has been involving in various movements to protect the Hindu community from threats including forceful conversion, islamic terrorism and the most recent events in Sabarimala.

He was the pioneer who raised voice against Love Jihad in India and fighting against it till then to eradicate the evil. Rescuing 8500 girls from Love Jihad is for what he remembered among mothers in Hindu Community. He is also remembered for standing for the Hindu Community and led them to protest against the government’s decision in facilitating women of all ages to enter the Sabarimala temple.

He has generously organised and implemented Sanjeevani Project for giving free medicines to poor patients and Hridayapoorvam Project for conducting free heart surgery for children, which aided 124 child patients so far. After Enrolling in 2013 as Lawyer and Practicing in High Court of Kerala, he has been offering free legal assistants to the needy in the community. In 2020, he founded Hindu Seva Kendram for the empowerment of Hindu Community in various socio-political and communal aspects. He has been appearing in national and regional media for the past decade on various causes related to Hindu Community.