About Us

Hindus in India are facing an existential crisis, especially in Kerala. Keeping this in mind, a few well-meaning Hindu activists decided to take action to help the ailing Hindu community. We launched an initiative to protect Hindu people, traditions, and way of life. This movement, which aims to serve and protect all Hindus, was given the name “Hindu Seva Kendra.”

Hindu Seva Kendra (HSK) is a panchayat based, micro-level institution designed to bring missionary-style work to needy Hindus everywhere. This initiative is the first of its kind, and a grassroots level model which was created and launched in Kerala. We aim to expand to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and eventually all of Bharat.

We are a politically neutral organization. We serve all Hindus regardless of caste, origin or social status.

Dr. Satish Kumar. G (MBBS, MD, M.Ch)


Adv. Rajeesh Ramachandran, B.Tech, LLB

General Secretary

Sreekumar Mankuzhy, FCA ( Chartered Accountant)



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