1. What is Hindu Seva Kendram ?

Hindu Seva Kendram (HSK) is a microlevel, grassroot movement in Kerala operating at the Panchayat level.

2. What is HSK’s mission statement ?

“ All Hindu lives are created equal.  No Hindus will starve. No Hindus will suffer”

3. How is HSK different from other Hindu Seva activities ?

HSK will do Hindu missionary work and is designed as a “movement”, not as a top-down organization. This movement seeks sweeping changes in the Hindu society. At HSK, we begin with the eternal values of Sanatana Dharma and all our decisions, actions etc are guided by Dharma. We seek to empower ordinary Hindus to reach financial and social independence. HSK wants Hindus to help themselves and become prosperous through education, entrepreneurship and unity.

4. How are HSK activities organized ?

Each Panchayat in Kerala will have a Hindu Seva Kendram.  Every Kendram will have an administrative committee called “Hindu Seva Samithi”, which oversees all activities of the HSK . Each HSK will have its own administrative and financial control. HSK will reach out to every Hindu in the Panchayat especially those in the lower socioeconomic strata.

5. What are the typical activities of HSK ?

HSK will create a database of all Hindus in the Panchayat. Based on the analysis of this database, we will identify the needs of the local Hindu society and work to alleviate them and make sure that such needs do not arise in the future. This will be achieved using an appropriate mix of entrepreneurial training, small-scale industry, online/direct classes, Dharmic education and other grassroot-level initiatives.

6. How will HSK reach every Hindu ?

HSK will avoid the 3 major poison pills of Hindus, namely, politics, caste and ego. We aim to create a platform where every Hindu is welcome irrespective of their politics or caste. Hindu Seva Samithi will be trained every 3 months to keep this focus in all their work.

7. What is HSK’s approach towards other Hindu organizations ?

HSK will work with all other like-minded organizations.  This includes Hindu religious/caste organizations, ashrams, and temples. We will create lasting bridges of friendship with them and function without any organizational ego. Any individual/organization can freely use HSK’s platform to implement any program aimed to help the Hindu society.

8. Does HSK have any political affiliation or ambition ?

No. We are a movement of the Hindus, by the Hindus and for the Hindus.

9. What is HSK’s legal status ?

HSK is registered as a trust under Government of India Society Act.