Households of cherthala (Alappuzha District) can now get #halalfree fish, fruits & vegetables. Today morning, Popular Lawyer and Social Activist Adv. Krishnaraj, inaugurated the store AMAROOS FRESH MART in the presence of Hindu Seva Kendram State President Dr. Satish Kumar Hindu Seva Kendram started #saynohalal campaign earlier this year to protest against “HALALIFICATION” of malayalee daily needs. By the year 2020 our food distribution network was hijacked in the name of halal. When the administration tried to please a particular entity of people by trapping those who educated the public about halal hijack, the protest was intensified. Spreading of #HalalFree #NoHalal Stores cross the state in no time is a clear indicator that people started hating Halal hijacking. Earlier a #HALALFREE fish stall was launched in ernakulam under the guidance of Mrs. Thushara, the one who started the ever first #nonhalal Hotel in Kerala. Hindu Seva Kendra will extend full support for those who want to start Halal Free establishments. All residents of Cherthala and its neighborhoods are welcome to avail the services of this “Halal Free” outlet, which is located near the Cherthala Railway Station. Hindu Seva Kendra

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