Medical Support

In Kerala, hunger and malnourishment are seen almost exclusively amongst the Hindu population. Impoverished members of the Hindu community also lack access to quality medical care. Unlike other religious groups, they receive little foreign aid or from other Hindus In response to this issue, Hindu Seva Kendram has launched the following initiatives:
  • “Oru Pidi Ari”, or, “One Handful of rice,” is an initiative by Hindu Seva Kendram to alleviate hunger amongst Hindus in Kerala. A donation bag is kept in affluent Hindu households into which a handful of raw rice is placed after every meal.
  • Once a month, volunteers will collect the rice and distribute it to needy Hindus.
  • Currently, about 8000 kgs of rice is being collected every month, which is distributed to more than 3,500 starving Hindus.

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