Type of Prayers for Hindus, Which Prayer and When:
Daily Prayer, Weekly Prayers, Special Prayers …What’s the right way of doing prayers.. Why prayer is important for Hindus. Common mistakes been followed with Prayers by Hindus
Importance Of Group prayer :
The group of them prayed together, giving God praise, acknowledging the threats of the rulers, and asking God to continue to embolden His people to speak His Word, and that He would heal and perform signs and wonders. This was a group praying together, and God answered their prayer.
Why are we going to temple, How to pray in Temple :
Significance of going to Temples : Most of us visit a Temple to offer our reverence and prayers to the Gods and Goddesses. There are different Temples dedicated to the worship of various deities in India and across the world. The place in which a Temple is located is auspicious and contains positive vibrations.
What is Kula Devatha( Home deity) Why is the significance of ‘Kula Devatha’ :
Kuladevata or Home deity is one God who has been protecting your home and your family starting from ancestors. For generations after generations, Kuladevata has been granting wishes to your family and blessing your family. Especially it is celebrated much in the South part of India.
How to lighten the Lamp(vilakku) in homes:
Traditional vilakkus can be lit both at dawn and dusk. The lamp is sure to give you a great start to the day. Use good quality oil such as sesame or coconut along with a cotton wick.

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