Makaliyam Sreeramaswamy Temple

It is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Rama. It is one of the most famous temples in Kerala situated near Ernakulam – Tripunithura close to the Seaport-Airport road. The temple is said to be constructed by the Chera Dynasty. It is believed that decades ago a major fire damaged almost all gopurams and structures in the temple. Later devotees reconstructed the temple. The temple underwent renovation recently with copper-plated roofs & Dasavathara framed walls in panchaloha.

Here Lord Rama is believed to be in most powerful form after killing Khara – Ravana’s younger brother and his vast army. It is thought that the main deity depicts the consolidated power of Lord Vishnu & Lord Siva.

Lord Vinayaka and Lord Ayyappa are the Upa-Devathas in Makaliyam Sree Ramaswamy Temple.

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