Shri Shankaranarayana Temple, Kuntikana Mata

The main deity of Shankaranarayana Temple is in the form of Udbhava Linga. The naturally formed lingam of Lord Shankara and Lord Narayana is one feet below the ground, inside the Garbhagudi. It is not possible to see the lingam. The Shankara Linga is on the right (left as seen by the devotees) and Narayana Linga on the left. While Shankara Lingam is in round shape, where as Narayana Linga is a flat one with foot prints of holy cow in it. Devotees believe that these were foot prints of Kamadhenu (holy cow) which had stood here for dripping milk on the Shankara Linga. There is water around Udbhava Linga at any time of the year. This holy water is called Suddhamrita Theertha.

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