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There are hundreds, if not thousands of homeless Hindus in Kerala. A lot more live in dilapidated structures which do not offer protection from weather. Griham program helps to build basic, new homes or refurbish dilapidated homes. Funds are raised either from donations made at the website or specific fundraisers where our supporters in India and abroad come together to support specific building projects. Typically, local HSK volunteers provide free construction labour.Material costs are carefully monitored and controlled. Inspection and quality control are ensured by HSK

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"Homelessness continues to be a pressing issue affecting various segments of our society, including the Hindu community. The Gruham Yojana aims to tackle this problem by providing comprehensive support to our homeless brothers and sisters. Through this initiative, we seek to bridge the gap by offering safe shelter, essential amenities, and access to social services, with the ultimate goal of reintegrating them into mainstream society."

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- You can Donate to this cause by clicking the link above
- You can share project on Facebook and WhatsApp so that their story reaches more people like you who will act to make a difference
- You can volunteer to raise funds and help build a home.

"Home is not just a structure; it is a sanctuary of warmth, security, and belonging. Every individual deserves a place to call their own, where dreams take flight and memories are made. Let us strive together to ensure that no one is left without a home, for it is in the embrace of a loving abode that lives truly flourish." - unknown

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