Promoting Social Equality and Justice

Hindu Seva Kendra aims to provide social and financial empowerment to underprivileged Hindus through social programs and legal aid. Free legal help will be given to all Hindus, regardless of caste, origin or political affiliation. Example of aid provided by Hindu Seva Kendras include:
  • Assistance for underprivileged Hindus who have fallen victim to predatory loans, scams, evictions, etc.
  • Action against draconian government impositions or removal of human rights for Hindu pilgrims.
  • Legal support for illegal encroachment on Hindu owned lands or sacred sites. Elimination of caste-based discrimination and isolation.
  • Many Hindu conversions in Kerala are primarily fueled by poor financial status, illness in the family and social ignorance.
  • Proselytizing groups prey on vulnerable, disenfranchised Hindus by offering help in the guise of humanitarianism but cleverly hiding the ulterior motive of conversion.
  • Hindu Seva Kendram will ensure complete cessation of religious conversion by intervening at the root causes of conversion at various levels of the ociety.
  • Hindu population in Kerala is dropping dramatically due to late age of marriage, decreased number of children per couple, high rate of abortions and lack of societal and family support.
  • Hindu Seva Kendram will address each of these issues by social outreach, teenage counselling, and financial support for potential couples.
  • Hindu marriages in Kerala are often plagued with high rates of intramarital disputes.
  • This leads to broken families and loss of community strength.Hindu Seva Kendram will provide free marital counselling in order to preserve the family unit and ensure a bright future for Hindu childrens.
  • Almost all suicides in Kerala are seen among the Hindu population.
  • Hindu Seva Kendram, being at the ground level, is able to identify at-risk individuals, and intervene effectively before it is too late.

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