*Death comes for everyone*

Every culture in the world honors their dead in their own way. Hindus are no exception to this, except in one way.

Unlike other religious communities, the Hindu community does not stand together to honor their dead.
When a Christian or Muslim dies, the local church or mosque will ensure that the person’s final rites are taken care of.

No matter how poor the family is, their religious community will afford them this basic service with dignity.

But what of the Hindus?
What happens when a Hindu is too poor to afford a funeral for their loved ones?
Who is there to support them?

Usually, they find no support from their fellow Hindus, and are forced to go to other religious communities for aid.

Have you ever thought about the poor Hindus who are forced to depend on other religions when there is a death in the family? Widows and children who must convert just to give their loved ones a funeral?
We call this “Conversion by Death.”

Other religions take advantage of this situation leading to conversion and a good PR story.
The sad reality is most Hindu majority areas in Kerala have no public cremation ground.

To help Hindus in such conditions, Hindu Seva Kendram is initating a new program called “Moksham”.

Any Hindu having difficulty with affording a cremation will be provided with all services including a pujari.

Our first mobile natural gas crematorium is now open in Aanikkad panchayat, Mallappally Taluk, Pathanamthitta district, with plans to expand into other parts of Kerala in the near future.

We must stand together to preserve and protect our traditions.
We must stand together and support our own.
If we do not do these things, then who will?

If you do not stand up and fight to preserve your traditions, then you have no right to cry when they are lost.

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