.Fortyfive families at Viyapuram lives with drinking water supplied by Hindu Seva Kendram. As reported last week, the decision for reparing or replacing the water pump is still stuck in the red tapes.

Its been ten days since Hindu Seva Kendram started Water Supply. The decision is to esclate the problem to higher authorities to find a solution. The organisation will stand with these families, until there is a permanent solution.

After the intervention of Hindu Seva Kendram, the issue is now taken up by leading medias. News & Reports are being published in various online & offline media.

The local & the district panchayat are still at loggerheads over who will bear expense. It is also learnt, they demanded Rs 1000 from each colony resident for fixing the issue. The residents who live with a mearge income are struggling to meet the ends in the pandemic period. Even though, considering the situation, few of those poor fellows have already paid. This Harijan colony is witnessing the explotitation of the poor by authorities. Those who are responsible to serve & protect the poor are shamelessly squeezing them.

This is happening in 6th ward of Viyapuram Panchayath in the Alapuzha District. The pump installed by the district panchayath got inoperational for some reason. The Local & District Panchayath kept on debating about the water pump. The discussion on bearing the cost of repairing is stuck in red tapes for more than a month now.