A housewife Sobha is a cardiac patient living near Oachira Panchayath of Kollam District, received her essential medicines from Hindu Seva Kendram today. The Sanjeevani scheme, a project designed for Hindu patients fighting for their life and is running successfully only because of generous sponsors. Hindu Seva Kendram appeals to every Hindu to help each other to save from jeopardizing.

Hindu Seva Kendram is working on various schemes that empower the Helpless Hindu. Annalakshmi Yojana to alleviate hunger, Sanjeevani for medicine and treatment, Hridayapoorvam for surgery support of young cardiac patients are a few of them. Hindu Seva Kendram also supports the brotherhood by conducting self-defense training sessions, religious schools, legal conciliation support, empower against conversion.

To know about the Hindu Seva Kendram & the services in your town or to start a Hindu Seva Kendram, please feel free to connect with us.

Hindu Seva Kendram