Hindu Seva Kendram saved them from the agony of being shelterless with an ill child.

The parents were devastated when they learned that both kids, who are the fruits of their long time waiting and prayers, were suffering from severe brain and heart ailments. Undeterred, the poor parents borrowed money and treated their children. The only possession, the Two Cents area of land received as a benefaction, was mortgaged. Due to the heavy medical expense, they fail to pay the dues ending the loan on the verge of confiscation. With all hope shattered, their daughter said adieu to the pain and left this world.

Palakkad Cooperative Bank has sympathetically agreed to waive the interest on their loan. It is in this context that Nisha and Ramesh came in contact with the Hindu Seva Kendra. They have decided to leave the world ,as it is better than being thrown into the streets.

As the Hindu Seva Kendram is committed to saving Hindus, they took the challenge of helping them starting from scratch. As the initial step, the loan was paid off and bailed out their property with the support of benevolent HSK group members settled in Houston, America.

They still have a lot of liabilities. Heavy medical bills have landed them on loans and interests. The couples are now hopeful because they have Hindu Seva Kendram beside them and a roof above them.

They still need a helping hand, our kindness and our compassion!

No Hindu should be left orphaned.