Devaswom Board to sell temple property to pay off Rs.80 Crore Debt; Hindu Seva Kendram challenges in HC

Hindu Seva Kendram filed a complaint in the Honorable High Court of Kerala, challenging the Devaswom Board’s plan to sell deity’s properties to settle a debt of Rs 80 crore. Thiruvambadi Devaswom has invited tenders for the sale of deity’s properties. Devaswom Board is in debt of around Rs 80 crore due to corruption and mismanagement.The tender to pay off the debt of Rs 80 crore is in the midst of controversy over the disbursement of Rs 3 crore from a private lease for Devaswom property, deposit of Rs 70 lakh in a personal account related to Sandeepani School and misappropriation of 42 sovereigns related to deity’s ornaments.

Devaswom has the power only to manage the deity’s properties. It is a serious violation of law and corruption by the management to sell the deity’s property. In view of this, the petition filed prayed the court to take over the administration of the temple from the Thiruvambadi Devaswom and to stop the tender process. The petition also demanded that the debt incurred by Devaswom be recovered from the property of the corrupt rulers.

It is a delusion that the debt incurred by Dewasom Board due to mismanagement can be paid off by selling the property of the deity.

Hindu Seva Kendram

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