Unnikrishnan, 52, a native of Kaviyoor in Pathanamthitta district, made his living through selling fish. He was the sole breadwinner of a family, comprising his wife and three children. Two of his kids were suffering from a disease similar to autism. One kid was less fortunate with disabled one eye & one leg. About six months ago, Doctors advised him to go under complete rest when they diagnosed him with tuberculosis. Post diagnosis, the devastated family ended up in a grave situation. A sympathetic lady in the neighbourhood informed Hindu Seva Kendram about the family fighting with fate.

When Hindu Seva Kendra Volunteers visited the house, the situation of the family was heart-wrenching. They lived in a ramshackled house built over 70 years ago. There were no signs of periodic repairs in recent history. The roof was falling apart even in a mild breeze. The sight of debris fall

ing from the roof stirring up with the food undercooking was beyond distressing. They lived in the nightmare of their house crumbling on a rainy night. They slept in the toilet next to the house, which was comparably stronger than the house. Any proven articulator will be helpless on how to explain the intensity of the situation they were facing.

It has been over six months since the family is with Hindu Seva Kendram. Now they subscribed under schemes in the organization to solve their medical & food requirements.

Yet, their shelter was a challenge. As everyone worried about the strength and life of their house in the upcoming rainy season, Hindu Seva Kendram got the required permission from the authorities amidst the lockdown to reconstruct the home. Hindu Seva Kendram is constructing new accommodation with a kitchen and bathroom. The family deserves support and care in all forms for winning the battle they are fighting. Hindu Seva Kendram appeal to every human who read their s

tory to support this family in whatever manner you may!

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