French Woman to Sanathana Dharma

Marjorie Rigo, a French Woman, was converted to Hinduism today in Kerala. As per her request Hindu Seva Kendram conducted the ritual of Transformation. The function was observed under the blessings of Shri Sivabodhananda Swamiji and she accepted her name for her life hereafter as Surya Gayathri.

Earlier, begin attracted to the principles of the social religious reformer Sri Narayana Guru, the lady came to India and was practicing yoga with Sarvatma Ekarshi, a disciple of Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati.

Hindu Seva Kendram will be happy to help everyone who want to transform their life to Sanathana Dharama. Anyone who are interested in conversion to Hinduism may please contact Hindu Seva Kendra.

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