Hindu Seva Kendram provided grocery kits to the Gandhi Sadanam old age home in Ambalavayal, Wayanad district. Mr. Sajeevan, a Farmer, is running this shelter for fourteen senior citizens with his limited income from his farming. The old age home is an asylum for the old people deserted by their dear & near is now in crucial crisis.

The Gandhi Sadan operating in a rented building has to be vacated soon. The institution owns an empty land of twenty cents which was received as a donation. For constructing a good building with the amenities of an old age home, it is estimated an expense of Rupees Twenty Lakhs. Sajeev & his supportive wife have teamed up with six of their like-minded friends for this project. Yet raising such a vast amount of Twenty Lakhs is challenging for them. Hindu Seva Kendram volunteers who came to know about their condition reached the institution and ensured their food security through Annapurna Yojana. They still need help. They have to build an old age home.

Hindu Seva Kendram units are operational at every Panchayat-level as a Micro-Organisation in Kerala. They are committed to empowering Hindus mentally, economically, and socially. The Hindus of each unit come together to identify their difficulties and decide the steps to address them. Apart from this, Hindu Seva Kendram conducts various activities like self-defense training, religious and spiritual enlightenment, legal aid, awareness, etc.

Hindu Seva Kendram envisioned many novel ideas which were successfully delivered by and to the larger Hindu community. Annapurna Yojana for food security, the Sanjeevani scheme for ensuring follow-up treatment and medicine, the Mangalya Nidhi for the marriage of helpless girls, Hridayapoorvam meeting Heart Surgery for young cardiac patients are a few of such ideas. Thousands of Hindus will vouch for the hard work done by Hindu Seva Kendram.

If every Hindu unites financially, physically, and mentally under the Hindu Seva Kendram, the community will be stronger and unexploitable. Contact us to know about the services available at the Hindu Seva Kendram in your locality and to get to know about launching a Seva Kendram in your area.

Hindu Seva Kendram