The heart-wrenching story of a family facing love jihad was revealed to Hindu Seva Kendram as they approached the call centre for a Mobile phone. The child, a third-grade student and was not attending online classes as he doesn’t have any access. While verification. Hindu Seva Kendram volunteers realised the awfulness of the situation. The family was not even having any toilet in the house. Now Hindu Seva Kendram managed to construct a Toilet Facility for the family.

This old couple in Thrikkunnapuzha Panchachayth is facing the consequences of Love Jihad. The daughter of this couple was happily leading a married life with her only son and husband. Unfortunately, she was tricked and trapped in love by a Jihadi. Finally, at an unlucky moment, she eloped with that jihadi leaving her son & husband back home. As the time passed, her husband bounced back with a new life. The responsibility of the kid came to the shoulder of the old couple. This old man was meeting his livelihood by selling fish. But pandemic made him in trouble.

This family under the care and shade of Hindu Seva Kendram need your support.