This little champ lives with his grandparents as his parents got remarried and abandoned him. His Grand Father is a fisherman. Pandemic & Bad weather added with inabilities of his age made the family at stake. When the school re-opened, the grandfather worried about the education of his grandson. They don’t have any means to attend the digital classes. Thus, he approached Hindu Seva Kendram with a request for a smartphone to follow digital education.

Sadly, this little champ is suffering the consequences of Toxic Love Jihad. His mother, trapped in love Jihad, left him and his father. Eventually, his father also deserted him with his maternal grandparents. However, Hindu Seva Kendram got a smartphone for this kid with the help of the Vidhyadeepthi Scheme. Further, the volunteers assured all support for the family. NSS Chicago in the United States supported Hindu Seva Kendram to provide assistance to the child and his family.

Hindu Seva Kendram