She is not an orphan anymore! Tales of Tears and Torment wiped away from her life.

Hindu Seva Kendram embraced the devastated girl to life and takes over this 18-year-old girl as a daughter.

Lavanya, 18, is the child of the adopted daughter of Ayyappan Nair, a native of Paravur, Ernakulam. When she was an infant, her father abandoned them. Later ,her mother ,who was mentally ill , left home. Although she has passed high school there was no one to help her financially and mentally for further studies. She and her grandfather lived in poverty and pain in a semi-constructed small house.

She had given up all her hopes when Hindu Seva Kendram got into her problems. She was working in the packing section of a small institution nearby to meet their needs. From her meager wages, the two had to meet their meals and the treatment of sick grandfather. HSK activists from the taluk visited the house and assessed the situation.

Today she is joining a professional course to pursue her career. The Hindu Seva Kendram has taken care of her grandfather’s treatment and household expenses. Lavanya is getting her support from HSK with the help of a benevolent Malayalee settled in Canada, a noble man who likes to remain anonymous.

She is transforming from the pain of orphanhood to the shade of protege. As a niece and daughter, Hindu Seva Kendram will support and shelter her for her lifetime. Remember, No Hindu is an orphan.

Hindu Seva Kendram