Hindu Seva Kendram Embraces the Hindu Lady with Kids who are Abandoned by a Jihadi

January 11, 2021

Geetha a housewife from Thiruvazhiyaadu, Palakkad district, is now under the care of the Hindu Seva Kendram along with her kids. Years ago, due to the difficulties in her family, Geetha started her life with an Islamic Man named Nasser. But she has been in a state of despair for the past few years. Nasser, who had another wife and family, left Geetha and their children throwing them to wind. Geetha used to do domestic help in other homes for taking care of the education and household expenses of her children who are studying in Higher Secondary and High School. But due to the Covid pandemic protocol, she lost her last job. The Hindu Seva Kendram paid their past six month rent arrears of Rs.15000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand Only) Apart from clearing the rent dues, Hindu Seva Kendram stocked them with the groceries & provisions sufficient for one month. Hindu Seva Kendram appeals the kind souls to help this family and get a blessing from the Almighty.

Hindu Seva Kendram centers operating across Kerala at the panchayat level provides various assistance to Hindus. The Hindu Seva Kendram has developed and successfully implemented numerous schemes for deserving Hindu families.

Hindu Seva Kendram conducts it’s activities through various schemes like Annalakshmi Yojana to alleviate hunger, Sanjeevani for medicine and treatment, Hridayapoorvam for pediatrics etc and carry out it’s services by conducting religious schools, legal conciliation support, empower against conversion etc.

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