Hindu Seva Kendram has lodges complaint against All India Imams Council

October 13, 2020

Hindu Seva Kendram has lodged a complaint with the police against the leaders of the All India Imams Council for making hate speech challenging the Indian judicial system. The complaint was based on a march and a dharna in the name of “Babri in search of justice” organized by the All India Imams Council, Kerala on October 1 to protest against the court order relating to the construction of the Ram temple.

Addressing the march, everyone in the said Council spoke insultingly of the esteemed court and the Hindu community here, and a video of it was aired live on social media. The conference was held in contempt of the nation, the judiciary and even the judges and also a reference was made on the demolition of Hindu idols in Makkah and the construction of the Kaaba. They stated that the similar will happen in Ram temple and they wont spare anyone who are set free by the Court.

The complaint was lodged with the Commissioner of Police by Sreenath Padmanabhan, state secretary for Hindu Seva Kendram.

While the government ignored this march and dharna during the Covid period as maintaining “secularism”, where as Hindu Seva Kendram is not prepared to pretend not to see any challenge to the Hindu community. Going forward….

Hindu Seva Kendram

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