Hindu Seva Kendra is hitting success in its endeavours. Today, a temple deserted for more than 25 years was recouped and a lamp was lighted in front of the deity Lord shiva. The temple lies in the land of Malabar where Tipu’s made his notorious temple destruction.

When Hindu Seva Kendram identified this Koodilangadi Kadungothu Shiva Temple, it was ruined to all extents. Even the entrance to the temple was blocked. Conducting Pooja in this temple was forbidden by the local “PEACE LOVERS”.

Hindu Seva Kendram with its prime aim to strengthen the Hindu community escalated the issue to the High Court. Apart from that, the Volunteers & Swabhiman Hindus of the locality cleared the clutter and weed in the temple land. Then they light a lamp in front of the deity Lord Shiva and conducted a Pooja.

The Hindu community is regaining back from the verge of becoming ashes. The Hindus are now aware of the rights as well as the responsibilities. Hindus Seva Kendram is certain about the march of Hindus towards glory.