Under the Vidyadeepthi scheme of the Hindu Seva Kendram, a mobile phone was provided to a student for attending online classes. One fine morning HSK Helpline received a request from a widowed mother asking for a smartphone for her kid to attend an online class. Further, we understood she lives with her teenage son in a small two-room portion of a rented house.

Later it revealed that she was enduring much more when HSK Town Committee chairperson visited the location for verification. After the demise of her husband, she worked as domestic help. That was the only income to make a living for her and three kids. She worked so hard that she managed the marriage of two of the daughters successfully.

She was brave enough to face any situation and trained her kids for the same. With her high self-respect, it was her determination not to live at the mercy of others. She was winning over destiny. But COVID-19 Protocols stopped her from working as domestic help. Since Pandemic, she was struggling like anything, yet she survived herself. Even when she was trying hard to meet the ends, she tried her best to find a smartphone for her son. Finally, she approached HSK as she could not compromise his education.

An NRI who is the husband of Karyakartha, HSK Cherthala Taluk chapter, arranged a brand-new smartphone for the boy and handed it over through HSK Volunteers.

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