Hindu Seva Kendram Provides Hearing AidNews

Hindu Seva Kendram Provides Hearing Aid

Hindu Seva Kendram Provides Hearing Aid
Hindu Seva Kendram Provides Hearing Aid

Under the Sanjeevani scheme of Hindu Seva Kendram, a hearing aid was provided to Abhilash living in Kaliyil village in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu. The boy lost his hearing ability completely due to diabetes at an early age and currently it is affecting his eyesight. Sanjeevani is a project run by the Hindu Seva Kendram for the treatment of needy patients. Through this, Hindu Seva Kendram is helping many families. The family had contacted Hindu Seva Kendram during during the lockdown period and they were homeless during that time. Hindu Seva Kendram had arranged accommodation for the family.

Hindu Seva Kendram centers operating across Kerala at the panchayat level provides various assistance to Hindus. The Hindu Seva Kendram has developed and successfully implemented numerous schemes for deserving Hindu families.

Hindu Seva Kendram conducts it’s activities through various schemes like Annalakshmi Yojana to alleviate hunger, Sanjeevani for medicine and treatment, Hridayapoorvam for pediatrics etc and carry out it’s services by conducting religious schools, legal conciliation support, empower against conversion etc.

To know about the Hindu Seva Kendram in your town and to find out the services available there, or to start a Hindu Seva Kendram in your town please feel free to connect with us.

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