Hindu Seva Kendram Provides Portable Car Wash Machine to Youngster for Self-employment

Hindu Seva Kendram offered a helping hand to an youngster in the situation where the corona epidemic is raging. Hindu Seva Kendram gave a car wash machine to Arjun, a young man who called Hindu Seva Kendram and asked for a portable car wash machine for self-employment.

Arjun, who is unemployed and lives in a rented house approached the Hindu Seva Kendram to find a job of his own. Arjun envisioned a self-employed house-to-house car washing service with a portable car wash machine. When Arjun’s request received, Hindu Seva Kendram contacted Jwala Charitable Trust and bought the machine within about twenty minutes. We express our sincere gratitude to the Jwala Charitable Trust members who have always stood beside Hindu Seva Kendram.

Our responsibility does not end here. Arjun’s number is given below. We request you all to contact him for car washing or building washing or any other similar purposes in the Ernakulam region and make his venture a great success.

Arjun: 9496073925

Hindu Seva Kendram

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