Hindu Seva Kendram Provides Wheelchair for an Old-Age Woman

November 16, 2020

Hindu Seva Kendram provided a wheelchair to an old age women, Radhamani Amma, who cannot walk due to many diseases. The assistance was provided to the old age woman from Chakka in Trivandrum under the Sanjeevani scheme and in association with the help of Thiruvananthapuram YMA Road Residents Association. Sanjeevani is a project run by the Hindu Seva Kendram for the treatment of needy patients.

Hindu Seva Kendram provides various services to Hindus through its centers at panchayath level across Kerala. Hindu Seva Kendram has a number of schemes such as Annalakshmi Yojana to eradicate poverty, Sanjeevani scheme for medicine and treatment, Hridayapoorvam Scheme to assist surgery for children, religious schools, legal protection, anti-conversion programmes and many more.

To know more about Hindu Seva Kendram in your locality or to start a Hindu Seva Kendram unit in your locality and to know more about the schemes, you may contact Hindu Seva Kendram.

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