This Man was fighting cancer for long four years. When Hindu Seva Kendram met him, he was on the verge of death. Hindu Seva Kendram supported him for his brain surgery. Post-surgery, along with the constant care & warmth of the volunteers, he is getting back to his life slowly but steadily. Now Hindu Seva Kendram is sponsoring his follow-up treatment & Expenses to meet physiotherapy from the support of kind souls concerned with the brotherhood.

His family, comprising his wife and three small kids, are now living in the shade of Hindu Seva Kendram. Apart from medical support, Hindu Seva Kendram have given them essential grocery for the time being. This family needs more contributions from the kind hearts for educating the kids & other necessities of the family.

Hindu Seva Kendram units are operational at every Panchayat-level as a Micro-Organisation in Kerala. They are committed to empowering Hindus mentally, economically, and socially. The Hindus of each unit come together to identify their difficulties and decide the steps to address them. Apart from this, Hindu Seva Kendram conducts various activities like self-defense training, religious and spiritual enlightenment, legal aid, awareness, etc.

Hindu Seva Kendram envisioned many novel ideas which were successfully delivered by and to the larger Hindu community. Annapurna Yojana for food security, the Sanjeevani scheme for ensuring follow-up treatment and medicine, the Mangalya Nidhi for the marriage of helpless girls, Hridayapoorvam meeting Heart Surgery for young cardiac patients are a few of such ideas. Thousands of Hindus will vouch for the hard work done by Hindu Seva Kendram.

If every Hindu unites financially, physically, and mentally under the Hindu Seva Kendram, the community will be stronger and unexploitable. Contact us to know about the services available at the Hindu Seva Kendram in your locality and to get to know about launching a Seva Kendram in your area.

Hindu Seva Kendram