Few days ago, Hindu Seva Kendram happened to see a heartbreaking article on Facebook. It was about a family where four out of five members are blind. Within no time, Hindu Seva Kendram identified the family.

The family of 3 Kids & Parents was hailing from Tenkasi in Tamilnadu. They migrated to Kerala to find a better living by collecting recyclables. But the Covid Pandemic shadowed their dreams.

HSK Volunteers located them in a miserable shed near Ochira Petrol Pump. They were starving ever since the Ochira temple stopped free food facility. The family was in a grave situation. The volunteers got disheartened seeing that desperate situation of a whole blind family.

Hindu Seva Kendram delivered food provisions & other essential items. Further, support for kids eduction is also given. More over Hindu Seva Kendram assured them that they are out of their sad phase of life.

Hindus Seva Kendram, will support and shade the family. We request our followers to share your support and care to this family too.