‘Hindu Swayamvaram’ – a Portal for Promoting Caste – Horoscope free Marriages among Hindus Inagurated

Hindu Swayamvaram, India’s first non profit matrimonial website, is inaugurated by Swami Sri Brahmashree Subhangananda of Chembazhanthi Ashramam under Shivagiri Mutt on Thursday, January 14 at 10 am on the day of Makara Sankranthi. You can find your life partner through this portal which is supported by the Hindu Seva Kendram organization. The ideology behind the Hindu Swayamvaram marriage portal is to solve the entire problems faced by a hindu in their marriage. Many people in the hindu community are subjected to exploitation. Thus an idea that came up in discussions involving our saintly nobles and community leaders is coming true here

Unlike any other portal, “Hindu Swayamvaram” gives an opportunity to choose partners without tangling to the barriers of caste & horoscope. Apart from the regular services of a marriage portal, there will be added options for assistance services namely “Mangalya Nidhi” for those who are unable to get married due to financial constraints.

With the blessings of Yogis and Sanyasis, this marriage portal has been opened to the Hindu people. Everyone’s help and cooperation is expected.

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