Today, Kumari Anitha, who lost her both parents before, received the financial assistance for her marriage. Hindu Seva Kendram Founder Adv. Pratheesh Vishwanath, gifted her the fund collected along with a Nilavilaku which is considered to be auspicious. The Volunteers from Kannambra Panchayath in Palakkad District facilitated the function. Kumari Anitha, Daughter of Sri. Padinjare Muriyil Appu, is now under the shelter of her Brother-In-Law, who is a poor fellow trying to meet ends. Hence Marriage was only a dream for her till she registered with matrimony protral Hindu Swayamvaram.

Mangalyanidhi is a joint venture between Hindu Seva Kendra and the marriage portal Hindu Swayamvaram. The beneficiaries will be those who register in the portal, and the income from the portal is being diverted for the beneficiaries.

Those who register in the Hindu Swayamvaram Matrimonial Portal, which works in collaboration with the Hindu Seva Kendra for the marriage of poor women, can be the beneficiaries of Mangalyanidhi. Proceeds from the Hindu Swayamvaram portal will be used for the Mangalyanidhi project.

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