“Temple ponds are not for fish farming”, comments HC; Devaswom Board lost face again

October 1, 2020

Honorable High Court commented on fish farming in temple ponds. The Honorable High Court mentioned that temple ponds are not places for fish farming, when the complaint filed by the Hindu Seva Kendram was taken up today. Honorable High Court itself came to the scene with criticism against the Devaswom Board. The High Court has sought clarification from all the Devaswom Boards in Kerala on this matter. The case is set to return to court on May 13.

Temple Advisory Committees starts cultivation without any special orders from the Devaswom Boards and the Boards leave it unseen, this is Fish Farming mode of operandi. The court took up the case this morning and clarified its strong stand on the issue. Hindu Seva Kendram has intervened against attempts to turn temple ponds into fish markets.

Hindu Seva Kendram filed a petition in the High Court following the intrusion of the government’s fish farming program into temple ponds under various Devaswom Boards in Kerala. The temple ponds are closely associated with the temple rituals, the recent move to commercialize these ponds have a mysterious purpose. Such activities are initiated by advisory committees favorable to the present government. As part of this, initial steps have been taken for fish farming in temple ponds including Kottarakkara and Koodalmanikyam. The intervention of Hindu Seva Kendram came as the Devaswom Board remained silent on the matter.

The move by the comrades to tarnish the sanctity of the temple ponds and turn them into public pools will be resisted in all means.

Hindu Seva Kendram

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