On Vijayadashami day, Hindu Seva Kendram conducted extensive service activities in Veeyapuram panchayat in Alappuzha district. As part of the Annalakshmi scheme, various food items including rice collected from various families in the panchayath were handed over to the respective ward conveners for distribution to various needy families and to the Covid affected patients in various wards in the panchayath. A family capable of providing food or food items sets aside rice or other food items on a daily basis, which the Hindu Seva Kendram volunteers collects and delivers to the needy families.

Hindu Seva Kendram initiated traditional Kerala martial art, Kalari training in Veeyapuram panchayath as part of the effort to pass on the traditional martial arts to the next generation. Many children in the panchayat started training on the Vijayadashami day.

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