Hindu Seva Kendram determined to save Hindus will not let this man fail against his fate. This fellow from Amabalapuzha of Alapuzha has faced a hurricane of unfortunate events before he faced a cyclone in real. He was the head of the family with two kids. Before three years, they lead a happy life. Since 2019, he is a patient and under treatment. He has problems with the Spinal cord, which in turn he cannot move freely. The disease made him jobless and a debtor of Rupees Three lakhs.

He was a fighter and arranged some money to start a furniture workshop within his house compound. He made a shed and hired workers and slowly started to bounce back. But this time misfortune hit him hard as COVID-19. Even before getting cured of the troubles of COVID-19, the cyclone hit him. The furniture workshop shed, and the house was blown away by the cyclone.

The family was on the verge of suicide when Hindu Seva Kendram Volunteers found them. As an initial help, they rebuild the furniture sheds. They are having a .