It will be a shocking surprise that 90 families of a Harijan colony in Alapuzha live without proper sanitation facilities. 25 of these families in IHDP Harijan Colony never ever used a proper toilet in their whole lifetime. It is a shame that all these families, including the adults, women and aged people depend on open ground and similar places for their call of nature.

During a random visit, Hindu Seva Kendram District President identified the plight of colony residents. He tried to sort out the problem through the electoral representatives, as it is their responsibility. But their answer was dire disappointing. In fact, they were least interested to take up this issue. Out of determination, HSK District President prepared a mass petition from residents. HSK Kutthiyathode Volunteers actively stood with him for this. And they approached the Block Development Officer. The officer was conscientious and immediately contacted VEO and made an enquiry. After verification through enquiries, BDO assured HSK and the residents that their problem will be solved. He assured that proper toilet and sanitation will be implemented in the colony.